Chatham Tesla

Slick Tesla Model S85

You can return with low charge for no fee.
Range 200+ miles.
Free Supercharging.
30+ only, for insurance reasons.
Drive anywhere in London at any time. No 'Congestion Charge.'
This car is quick, but not "ludicrous" quick. :)

Teslas are very, very easy to get used to.
The only problem is ... you have to give it back. Thanks.

Electric Vehicle Make: Tesla
Model of Car: S
EV Model and Battery Size: Model S - 85
Listing Specs of the car:
Charging cable Type 2
Audio input
Hi-Fi sound
Adaptive cruise control
USB input
Premium interior,
Fast charge,
13amp 3 pin - UK charging cable
Heated seats
Full leather interior
Chademo Adaptor