Information about DRIEV



Drive Electric , Share Electric...

Car ownership has always been considered as one’s of life’s expectations. But things are starting to change and people are beginning to question the need to own a car when they can access someone else’s when it is not being used.

With this in mind and on the back of our established and successful electric vehicle only car rental service our  company 3F EV (  we launched UK’s first Tesla car sharing scheme in 2017. 

Our new site is aimed at creating a platform to bring together people who are interested in hiring an electric car and owners who like a chance to earn extra money whilst their car is not being used. 

DriEV is a pun on Drive and EV so the last two letters of Drive was reversed to DriEV :-)

This site is still in beta phase so we welcome all user feedback as we are keen to include features and provide information that is useful to the process. 

Please email with any questions.