CotswoldTesla is a husband and wife business providing a chauffeur driven Tesla Model S for weddings.

They made the decision to buy a Tesla and decided the best way to own one was to share it with others and in doing so, make it pay for itself. So they decided to offer it to brides and grooms to give their special day something extra.

The husband, Paul, will be your driver. His "day job" is as a manager in the nuclear industry. His job pays well and so he does the chauffeuring for pleasure. He knows what it means to be pampered and looked after and loves spoiling and pampering others.

So you know that you will be well looked after on your special day and Paul will very happily show the car off to you if you want to see what it is capable of.

CotswoldTesla is based in Gloucester and Cheltenham. They cover the Cotswolds, the Malverns, the Forest of Dean, and the associated counties: Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire.

They have joined forces with Evergreen so that between them, they can provide a Model S and a Model X for your big day if required.

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